The wonderful Polish Moomins

The wonderful Polish Moomins

We have a controversial confession to make; we prefer the Polish Moomin TV series from the 1970s (made 1977 to 1982) to the Japanese 1990s TV production. It might have been made on the wrong side of the Iron Curtain, but it was pretty cool! Originally named Opowiadania Muminków, it was a stop motion production made by Se-Mar-For and Jupiter Film for Polish, Austrian and German television. The series was later sold to other countries, including Britain. The series has been criticised for being scary in places for young audiences, but we don't mind this now, watching as adults. It is, in contrast to the 1990s Japanese TV series, widely believed to be the more faithful TV adaptation of Tove Jansson's stories, and much closer to her vision. Tove herself had a great deal of involvement during the production. Each script was translated from Polish into Swedish and sent to Tove and her brother Lars Jansson, who, if they felt that anything needed to be changed, corrected the script, expanding or rewriting it; afterwards, the scripts were sent back and only then did production of the particular episode begin. The original episodes have now been technically cleaned up, recut into full feature film episodes, and had new voiceovers by current actors added. You can buy the DVD's on Amazon. Until the new Moominvalley TV series starts in 2019, we think this remains the best Moomin viewing to be had.


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  • Magnus Englund