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Tove's writing for adults


In her fifties, Tove Jansson turned her attention to writing for adults, producing a dozen novels and story collections, including the classic, bestselling The Summer Book. This was reissued in English in 2003 by Sort Of Books and has since sold more than 100,000 copies only in Britain. The Guardian said in its review: 'Jansson's brilliance is to create a narrative that seems, at least, to have no forward motion, to exist in lit moments, gleaming dark moments, like lights on a string, each chapter its own beautifully constructed, random-seeming, complete story. Her writing is all magical deception, her sentences simple and loaded; the novel reads like looking through clear water and seeing, suddenly, the depth'.

Sort Of Books followed the publication of The Summer Book with eight further Tove Jansson books, translated into English for the first time: Travelling LightThe True Deceiver,  Fair Play, The Sculptor’s Daughter, Art in Nature, The Listener, Letters from Klara and a selection of stories, The Winter Book. They are all available to buy at Moomin Shop Camden and on this website. 



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